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Our family, couples, and individual therapy and counseling services have been helping Berkeley and Bay area residents for over 40 years.

“Top-level rating for their indispensable service and transformational work. I highly recommend them to anyone who wishes to achieve excellence in themselves and in their work.”

Therapy Is an Effective Way to Change Your Life

In whatever mode of treatment you choose, whether it be individual, couples, family, or group therapy, working with a therapist gives you a chance to learn about yourself at a deep level. That coupled with the guidance you receive from your therapist, you can reset the direction of your life into a positive new future.

Explore the types of therapy we offer at the Berkeley Group Therapy Institute below and learn more about your therapist, Bill Roller, a leader in the field as well as renowned expert in group therapy. 

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How We Can Help You

Family Therapy

Advance your capacity for closeness in the family

In my work with families, I use my empathy, knowledge, and intuition to help families communicate with each other in ways that advance their capacity for closeness and at the same time support the growth and autonomy of each person in the family. 

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Bill Roller and Vivian Nelson, LMFTs in Berkeley, CA

We’ve Been Helping Berkeley & Bay Area Residents Live More Fulfilling Lives for Over 40 Years

The Berkeley Group and Family Therapy Institute was co-created by Bill Roller and Vivian Nelson, who have been leaders in group and family therapy for over four decades. Bill is the current leader for all the Institute’s groups & workshops.

In addition to their clinical practice, Bill and Vivian direct the Berkeley Group Education Foundation, a nonprofit organization that serves the public interest and the common good by creating seminars and professional trainings, and producing educational videos for a wide range of audiences.

Ready for Therapy? Or Still Unsure?

Hopefully you've checked out the site and now trust in my qualifications and expertise as a therapist. But maybe you're undecided. Which is best for you? Individual, couple's or family therapy? Give me a call and we'll discuss your options.

Mind made up, and ready to go? Great. Contact me and we'll schedule our first session together. The cost is $190 an hour. 

We are in Berkeley but can meet in Zoom so you can be anywhere.


Berkeley Family & Individual Therapist, Bill Roller
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
LMFT #14245

(510) 525-9215

Zoom Sessions Available for Your Convenience and Safety

Bill Roller, Berkeley Family & Individual Therapist
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