The Social Unconscious in Persons, Groups, and  Societies, Volume 3: The Foundation Matrix  Extended and Re-Configured

Edited by Earl  Hopper and Haim Weinberg. London, UK:  Karnac, 2017. 262 pp

CREDO: What I believe

I believe we clinicians of group therapy and family therapy have a special role to play as human beings dedicated to the possibility of creating a world where freedom, justice, and equality abide not only in the families we treat but also in the world. We have the extraordinary opportunity–by our extensive work in groups and families–to see in a small way the panorama of human behavior and the wide spectrum of action that our fellow human beings take as they live their lives. Every day we witness others struggle within the limits of their freedom and their fate–to make choices and try to comprehend the destiny that limits their choices. It is our chosen vocation to help heal the many ways that families can suffer. In order to do that we must earn the trust of the families that come to us.

For most of my adult life I have been actively opposed to every foreign war the U.S. military has pursued. I never proselytized my patients with my opinions–but inevitably the wars always came home and entered my treatment room as a cause of mental suffering: Perhaps a son or a sister was a combatant or working for the military …Or a father or mother burdened with memories of war trauma… Or a veteran of one of the wars would come to alleviate the traumatic stress of having committed or witnessed acts of violence. Many suffered from “moral injury”–feeling remorse that they participated in a cause that had no justifiable purpose. Their children and grandchildren suffered as well through the ineffable transmission of trauma unto the second and third generation.

They continue to come to my office in ever increasing numbers.

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Clinicians In Pursuit of Ethics

Keynote Address Given by Bill Roller to the Dutch Group Psychotherapy Association Conference, March 25, 2021

Full transcription follows.


First of all, I want to thank the organizers of this fine conference for inviting me to participate this year and deliver the Keynote for the Dutch Group Psychotherapy Association. My wife, Vivian, and I have many reasons for loving the Netherlands and we look forward to a time beyond the pandemic when we may once again visit and make person to person contact with you.

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A Mental Health Clinician Calls on the U.S. to Confront Aggressive Scapegoating

The Scapegoater-in-chief 

In the current political climate of our nation, the politics of fear and gratuitous aggressive scapegoating have become the norm.

The Task Leader in the White House has become the Scapegoater-in-chief. This affects the norms of behavior for the country at large but also affects the patients we work with in our practice.

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Sweetheart deal between Insurance Companies and Hospital Systems Concerning Group Therapy Reimbursement

Today I want to draw attention to the sweetheart deal that seems to exist between Insurance Companies and Hospital Systems concerning reimbursement for group therapy treatment provided for patients. This fact came to my attention recently when a patient was treated in group therapy for one month at Herrick Hospital in Berkeley, a Sutter Health Affiliate.  Blue Shield of California was billed for 20 sessions of group therapy at a rate of $ 1400.00 per group session for a total of $ 28,000.00.  Blue Shield reimbursed the Sutter Affiliate at that rate.

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It’s Midnight in America – A book review

Here’s a review I wrote of Dan Ellsberg’s new book, The Doomsday Machine: Confessions of a Nuclear War Planner, published in Tikkun magazine.  The review’s title is “It’s Midnight in America”.

Read the review on Tikkun magazine here:

There was a game that children in the southern Midwest played during the early days of the Cold War. It was called, “What Time is it Mr. Fox?”  It was a version of “tag” and went something like this.

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Interview with Dan Ellsberg Now Available on Vimeo

The interview that I conducted with Dan Ellsberg on April 22, 2018 concerning his new book, The Doomsday Machine: Confessions of a Nuclear War Planner, is now available on Vimeo.

The man who revealed the Pentagon Papers now gives us a candid look inside the world of thermonuclear war planning from the perspective of one who in the early 1960’s helped develop the U.S strategy for using thermonuclear weapons.

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Doomsday Machine interview with Dan Ellsberg

The one hour interview with Dan Ellsberg will soon be available for viewing on YouTube once editing of the footage is complete. The photo below shows Bill Roller on the left and Dan Ellsberg on the right–immediately after the talk.  The event was part of the Hero Round Table sponsored by the Heroic Imagination Project.


Interview with Dan Ellsberg on April 22, 2018

I will be interviewing Dan Ellsberg about his new book, The Doomsday Machine, at the Marine’s Memorial Building in San Francisco on April 22, 2018 at 2 PM.  Dan is the person who revealed the lies and deceptions of 5 presidents concerning our thirty year engagement with Vietnam, including a ten year war.

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Armand Volkas’ excellent improvisational troupe of players and musicians will present  a special fundraising performance for our film project, “Group Dynamics and the New Heroism”  on Sunday, May 19th at 2 PM, Live Oak Theatre in Berkeley. Call me directly for directions at (510) 525-9215.

Our film will insprire a new generation of ordinary people to act heroically and nonviolently.

The improvisational performance will take personal stories of courage from the audience and transform them into improvised theatrical pieces. Come and be a part of this exceptional program.


Bill Roller



Please check out our newly edited video on Indiegogo.  It’s more concise and I hope conveys our message more clearly.

Phil Zimbardo and I will co-lead a workshop where we shall mentor participants to form groups of like minded people who will take nonviolent courageous action in defense of ethical principles even at personal risk to themselves. We shall make a state of the art video of this unscripted, spontaneous group process and make the video available for sale and distribution to high school and college classes in the United States and abroad.


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